From living a normal life to surviving homelessness in the city of Miami, Peter is a victim of the turbulent US recession during late 2000's. A drama based on true events. A heartbreaking chronicle witnessing a drastic character transformation when he is exposed to the harsh cruelties the streets reveal.


Director David Jaure Rosenbaum

Producer Vecco Jaure

Director of Photography Nathan Mikita

Starring Paul Alexandro & Bassem Ramirez Farach

Awards & Nominations:


                                                                     American Movie Awards 2014 - Marquee Award  (Best Director)

                                                                             Barcelona Int'l Film Festival 2014 - Gold Lion Award (Best Director)

                                                                                     Big Island Film Festival 2014 - Official Selection

                                                                                      San Antonio Film Festival 2014 - Grand Prize Award (Best Film)

                                                                              St. Tropez Int'l Film Festival 2014 - Awards (Best Director & Lead Actor)

                                                                                   Madrid Int'l Film Festival 2014 - Award (Best Lead Actor)

                                                                       Ft Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival 2015 - Award (Best Florida Film)


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