A true story about the rise and fall from grace of boxing legend Nicolino Locche, set against Argentina’s dangerous military dictatorship during the 60’s. Violence, depression and repression renders boxing as the best way to suppress the harsh living conditions.


Locche does the impossible, against all odds, and invents a new and unique style, which becomes the true art of boxing. He possesses uncanny reflexes that allow him to stand in front of his opponents with his hands literally behind his back or even resting on his knees as he slipped, bobbed and weaved to avoid his opponents punches. He obtains the name, “The Untouchable” due to his defensive mastery.


As he escapes punches on the ring, life hits him hard. He loses everything he ever loved and is too late to realize it. However, in the process he becomes a legend to the world of boxing and the best entertainer the sport has ever seen.


Director David Jaure Rosenbaum

Writer Peter Iliff 

Producer Luis A. Scalella

 Coming 2020


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